Black Friday ?

Black Friday?

At ELEMENT VET, we don't do Black Friday.

This great planetary clearance sale is beyond us, and we want to explain the reasons for it to you.

Since the creation of our brand, we have been offering you products at the right price. Our know-how must be recognized and valued like the work of everyone in our teams. In addition, our products are made in France in our manufacturing unit with top quality raw materials and this has a cost, but it is our choice. The prices we charge allow us to innovate, invest in new marketing projects and allow our veterinarians and partners to reference the range.
We support a more responsible mode of consumption “consuming better and different”. We favor short circuits and favor the quality of plant extracts. L'ÉLÉMENTHÉRAPIE develops our concept of preventive treatments throughout the year. Our discounted cure products are seasonal offers and not downgraded sales.
When we are out of stock on a reference like Anti stress this month, it is because our suppliers are short of raw materials and we do not want to buy an extract of lower quality. We have invested a lot in the manufacture of our 100% recyclable and biodegradable ecopacks because it is our corporate philosophy.
We support French and local trade and we will continue to innovate, to make you aware of natural care and ecology.
Do you share our values?

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