Partout avec eux !

Everywhere with them!

No to giving up...

Every year the media tell us that the shelters are full of animals recently abandoned before the summer period. The SPA makes us aware with each time a shocking clip which for my part brings me to tears.

I am very very very sensitive, it is true, to the animal cause, because when I look at a dog or a cat I see and I feel all the love that this little being feels for us humans. Working in the animal world is a vocation for me, I am passionate about improving their well-being, their health and their condition.
We do a lot of education and awareness, but there are still too many badly treated animals, used as everyday consumer goods, as a fad, as a whim.

TO ADOPT is to ADOPT is to reflect, to choose, and to love.

So what can we do to try to bring some help to these volunteers who will take care of and collect these abandoned people? You can do voluntary work and also help these reception centers financially.
With my great friend Marie no @Marie-Noelle we are taking up the sword and going to our measure to give a master and boost to the associations.

This super nice sticker is sold for €4 at ELEMENT VET and wafinu and we, of course, donate all of it to aid associations.
On our online store, this purchase of 4 € will be able to snowball and finance a little well-being for the friends who are waiting at the refuge. Shop for cures, care products for your little darling and open your heart to others by adding this little sticker... I hope to see a lot of them on cars or gates because you can't remain indifferent and do nothing!

Collaboration wafinu and ELEMENT VET

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