Avez-vous réussi l'adaptation de votre chiot ?

Have you successfully adapted to your puppy?

When we take the decision and the responsibility to welcome a puppy or a young dog into our family, many questions run through our heads: how to help it? How best to adapt?

Many of you ask us for advice and tips.

Time to adapt!

It's new for him as for you, you have to give yourself time and take advice from competent professionals: his breeder who knows the breed well, your veterinarian, a dog trainer with whom you have a good feeling...

Our advice: apply the rule of 3 : 3 days to decompress, 3 weeks to teach him your life routine, 3 months to feel in his place at home!

The stress and worry of learning...

You have given him time, you have provided him with a space of his own where he can withdraw to rest or in case of discomfort. You give him time, he is not too stimulated and you know how to put him to rest, but despite all this, you encounter problems in his learning.

You observe strange behaviors that you do not know how to manage, you find him stressed, then it is time to get help from an educator and your veterinarian.

As for alternative medicine, herbal medicine can also allow your pet to calm down. Our natural Anti-stress cure can be a remedy for a period of 2 months

It can also be supplemented with our Krill -based omega 3s , whose effectiveness on neurological development and their role in learning are well established! Stress is often associated with visceral stress, which is why our Element Therapy advises you to combine the Anti-stress cure with Digestion.

Digestive discomfort? Do you find your pet too thin?

The first track to follow is that of internal parasites. Is he properly wormed? If this is not the case, your veterinarian will prescribe a dewormer, it is always good to also find out about your breeder and the breeding conditions.

If he has digestive disorders, do not hesitate to continue the examinations to exclude, in particular, giardiasis or other diseases. Your veterinarian can refer you to a stool analysis: a Coproscopy.

ELEMENT Vermiflore is a natural food supplement designed to repel and prevent the development of internal parasites by modifying your animal's intestinal flora. The Lactobacillus LB probiotic and plants will promote good intestinal hygiene and protect the digestive system from intestinal worms. If you want to alternate a classic vermifuge with a natural solution, you can then do a cure of Vermiflore.

The cure is to start 7 days then is stopped, then resumed 21 days later for a week.

Is your pet's diet balanced?

Finally, do not forget to check the quality of his diet, is it balanced? Good qualities? Well assimilated by the dog? Suitable for his age and breed (size)?

Many nutritionists can help you clarify these questions, food really plays a key role in the body and the skin system. Do not hesitate to do additional tests such as a blood test. Finally, have you changed his diet? If so, did you take the time to make a good transition?

In case of lack of appetite, have you ever tried to change the brand of croquettes? Have you thought about storing your kibble in a suitable container to avoid oxidation and loss of palatability of the food? Here again, our best advice in the event of a food transition, is to carry out a Digestion cure during the transition!

Young dogs tend to eat anything and everything, plants, dirt and chew anything they find. The Digestion cure is interesting for rebalancing the intestinal flora, because it contains a probiotic: Lactobacillus Lb. This may also be beneficial after taking antibiotics, or in the event of diarrhea, constipation, to regulate transit.

When you adopt a puppy, you want to give yourself every chance to make him happy and healthy. Your benevolence and the help of animal health professionals will allow you to meet this wonderful challenge. The complicity, the bond that you will create with this little piece will be, we wish you, the cement of a long life of joy and moments just for you.

Our Element Therapy is adapted to the puppy and will offer you natural solutions for the well-being of your new friend.
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