Le krill : trésor de la mer

Krill: treasure of the sea

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We have indeed selected the best for our 4-legged worshippers.
For us, sourcing and the choice of our suppliers is essential.
For the krill we have chosen a very high quality product, fished with a respectful and eco-responsible method.
Eco-Harvesting is a proprietary technology developed to harvest krill in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. The trawling system is permanently submerged and a hose gently brings the krill back to the vessel, reducing the risk of bycatch of other species to almost zero.

Unique SFP “A” rating

For the fifth consecutive year, this Antarctic krill fishery has been awarded an “A” grade, which recognizes well-managed fishing through the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP). The independent report says fish stocks are listed in "very good condition" and krill fishing in the Southern Atlantic Ocean is hailed as being particularly well organised.
"Before deploying our very first fishing net in the Southern Ocean, we began a dialogue with WWF-Norway to ensure that our operations would have a low impact on the Antarctic ecosystem. Ambitious targets are essential to overcome the global challenges that will impact the future of our business: biodiversity loss, resource scarcity, lifestyle disease threats and climate change."
The Antarctic krill fishery only operates in a small area of ​​the Southern Ocean, called Area 48. In this area, CAMLR (Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources) has set a catch quota of 1% of the total biomass, which is one of the most conservative in the world, ensuring the sustainable recovery of stocks. In comparison, many other fisheries are considered sustainable with a 10% catch quota.
Our Krill Oil is MSC certified . This MSC certification guarantees that marine resources are harvested using sustainable methods and that all products are traceable throughout the supply chain.