Parlez-vous avec votre chien ?

Do you talk with your dog?

When we adopt an animal, we give it a name and as it will have to be educated, we begin to talk to it, to teach it the rules of life at home, in the family, during our outings. The dialogue then ensues...

Why is it essential to talk to your four-legged friend?

Even though this animal has a very different mode of communication than humans, it has never really been a problem. Considered "perched" by those who do not have animals, this practice seems natural to us. To learn how to use this mode of communication and understand this somewhat unusual language, practice and experimentation is essential. Your pet is able to perceive your energy through what you articulate as well as through your posture and gestures.

Man does not originally speak the language of dogs. Although we try very hard to understand our furry friend through their behavior, it is still important to understand their needs and feelings. Besides basic commands, communication and talking to your dog is essential. Your dog doesn't just listen to you, he watches your eyes and your gestures. He is able to analyze your attitude, your posture, your gestures, your gaze… The dog is a pet that particularly likes to learn. Seeing you articulate will push him to try to understand and react accordingly.

How can the dog make the connection between your words and your emotions?

Your dog is not a co-worker. It's no wonder your four-legged friend is able to understand you so well. He sees you daily and this from a very young age. He is able to interpret the energies that you release or your emotions: joy, sadness, anger, fear...

You may have noticed that he approaches you and sticks to you when you are worried. It's his way of reassuring you. Thus, you can put words on what you feel which will help your dog to enrich his vocabulary and better understand you.

Ridiculous or not, talking to your dog helps to create an even stronger bond between you and your faithful four-legged friend. By dint of talking to him, your dog will understand you. Know that this exchange-oriented communication model is the best alternative to shouting and growling, which could lead the dog to withdraw into himself.

When contact settles, intercourse is no longer conscious. We then live in osmosis TOGETHER, alongside our furball, its presence then becoming part of our person. Upon awakening, during the day, during walks, in the evening, his presence even becomes indispensable to us.

Share moments of complicity strengthen ties

Sports activities, walks, games are vectors to establish this complicity and have fun with your animal. The canine sports that we practice with them, for them often at the beginning, represent special moments when the master shares intense moments with his dog, where communication is perfect. In these moments, we become a duo, one and the same force. Who has never felt this, this energy, this sparkle in their eyes and in ours! Without this complicity how to explain the performance of working dogs, sports dogs? How to explain the well-being and the appeasement that the dog can bring to an elderly person, to children?

When speech becomes useless...

We can go further and it is not stupid to say that some people communicate with their animal beyond the words, without the words. A look, an attitude and we understand each other. So yes, people who don't have pets will call us crazy, original, but whatever, we know that this relationship is real and that we are happy with our companion, because that's the happiness !!

You also talk to your dog, tell us an anecdote in the comments!