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    Reinforced protection ankle boot

    $12.00 CAD

    Reinforced pad protection

    Reinforced pad protection

    Sold individually or in packs of 4. This boot is even more resistant than our "Comfort" boot.

    A 25 mm wide stretch Velcro allows a very good hold. This boot is perfect for animals with loss of motor skills that slip (hernia, handicapped animals).


    Protects pads in abrasive terrain

    Resistant to intense activities

    For dog
    And for cat!
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    Reinforced protection ankle boot

    Elementotherapy at the service of our animals


    This boot is even more resistant than our "Comfort" boot because it is made of the same knitted material on the inside and coated with a very flexible rubber material on the outside. Seamless, it remains very comfortable. The boot molds to the dog's paw for more comfort. The fabric is tightened on the wrist to prevent dirt or snow from penetrating. A 25 mm wide stretch velcro provides a very good hold.

    Pro tips

    I use this boot on steep trails and on abrasive hiking terrain: stones, tar, etc. When the dog has an injured pad or nail and the weather is rainy, it is very practical to protect its paw with this boot, which is more waterproof than its twin, our "Comfort" boot.

    We also recommend it for dogs undergoing rehabilitation who have lost motor skills in their limbs and who have to drag their legs.

    Valérie Maumon

    Usage tips

    Use :

    As a prevention to protect the padsthe dog on very abrasive terrain such as rubble, or on sharp snow; This is the extreme boot!
    The service life is approx. 8 to 10 times greater than a traditional slipper; on tarmac ground for intense activity.

    In careif the paw really needs to stay dry;
    lightweight, flexible liner that gives the dog a good feel with the surface; ergonomic and slightly stretchy.

    We also recommend it for dogs undergoing rehabilitation who have lost motor skills in their limbs and who have to drag their paws (non-slip). Be careful not to tighten the Velcro too much, remove the boot at the end of the activity.

    4 sizes are available.

    Indications according to the animal

    4 sizes are available: look at our visual to measure the size that suits your dog or cat.

    Width height

    XS: maximum 6 cm in width – height: 10.5 cm (ok for a paw measuring a maximum of 6 cm in width)
    S/M: maximum 7.5 cm – height: 13 cm
    L: maximum 8.5 cm – height: 14 cm
    XL: maximum 10 cm – height: 16 cm"

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Bonne qualité du produit

    Bottine conseillée lors de la formation de physiothérapie, bonne qualité à réception.

    Protège vraiment bien les coussinets

    Je ne les utilise que depuis quelques jours mais j´en suis plutôt satisfaite :)
    Je vois que ça protège vraiment bien les coussinets car ma chienne marche plus facilement sur le béton avec et les plaies de ses coussinets cicatrisent malgré que je continue à la balader.