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    EquiGroomer Horse Brush

    $38.00 CAD

    Get rid of dead hair gently

    Get rid of dead hair gently

    The blade of the EquiGroomer brush has a micro-teeth that only removes already dead hair, and does not tear live hair from the animal's body.

    Good grip

    Relaxing and pleasant for the animal

    Removes dirt and dead hair

    Pour cheval
    Pour chien
    Et pour chat !
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    EquiGroomer Horse Brush

    L'Élémenthérapie au service de nos animaux


    The blade of the EquiGroomer brushes is designed with micro-teeth which only removes hair that is already dead, and does not pull out live hair from the animal's body. Due to this design, the EquiGroomer is particularly practical for sensitive animals who do not tolerate the wide teeth of the blades of more traditional brushes. Horses find grooming very relaxing and enjoyable.

    And what’s more, the brushes are ecological and colorful!

    This brush is also available for hairdog and cat.

    Conseils de pro

    It's a real headache to find a good brush that doesn't pull the hair and doesn't hurt the horse. When the horse returns from training or a muddy ride, it is very easy to remove this dried mud or dirt left on the coat.

    Valérie Maumon

    Conseils d'utilisation

    Brush without moderation! From a young age it is important to accustom your pet to being brushed and washed. This brush is perfect especially for the horse's moulting period before summer. Our EquiGroomer brushes can really be used all year round, they also allow you to remove dirt from the hair, for example after a muddy outing!

    Indications selon l’animal

    Suitable for brushing horses