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    Winter cure

    $101.00 CAD
    Pet weight

    Cure program: Element Therapy

    Elementherapy is a program of cures, over the year, which depending on the age or the type of animal, will complement and associate with each other.

    We offer you for the winter, our second winter cure, which contains a 2-month cure for an animal under 15 kilos, but also for an animal over 15 kilos (details of the containers in the description) with:

    a reinforced joint treatment
    a Krill Oil treatment
    a Vitality treatment
    a massage gel in 150 ml

    Time saving

    Complete cure according to the season for the animal

    Discount on all products

    Fabriqué en France
    Ingrédients naturels
    Pour chien
    Et pour chat !
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    Winter cure

    L'Élémenthérapie au service de nos animaux


    Our second winter box contains a 2-month treatment for an animal weighing more or less than 15 kilos:

    A surprise is hidden in your packages, for any winter treatment order!!

    Conseils de pro

    By ordering your winter box based on elementherapy, you receive all the supplements for this treatment at once (2 months). By taking the products directly with this treatment, you benefit from a reduction on all the products, than if you took them separately! So take advantage now to prepare your companion for this cold period!

    Valérie Maumon!

    Conseils d'utilisation

    In December, use our winter treatment for 2 months, to ensure the joint comfort of your animals during the cold season.

    Indications selon l’animal

    Containsa 2 month treatmentfor an animal weighing less than 15 kilos, but also for an animal weighing more than 15 kilos.