Le Team Champion de France MID 6 chiens pure race 2018 !
  • Valérie Maumon

Team Champion of France MID 6 purebred dogs 2018!

Years of work “I am very proud of my dogs. Of the six harnessed this weekend, four were born at...
Vice Champions du Monde d’Agility !
  • Valérie Maumon

Vice World Agility Champions!

COCORICO for our French Agility team pampered by Pauline Mignot, canine sports trainer.
Clin d’œil de la FFST Fédération française des sports de traîneau !
  • Valérie Maumon

Wink from the FFST French Federation of Sled Sports!

Personally, I know you as a competitor, a hiker, but also as a business leader... Your dogs take up a... tout naturellement…
  • Valérie Maumon quite naturally…

Daily care, relief and performance for our 4-legged friends thanks to natural products is our DNA! The natural reserve of...
Présidentielles : pour qui va voter mon chien ?!
  • Valérie Maumon

Presidential: who will my dog ​​vote for?!

For the presidential elections, more than ¾ of the French population attaches great importance to the defense of the animal...