Element Therapy

Happy Earth for happy dogs

Since 2016, ELEMENT VET has been offering a natural range for bipeds who want to give their animal a better life . ELEMENT VET reaffirms its nature and green positioning right down to its feet with eco-packaging, new services, a new visual identity and commitment to nature projects.

Know your dog, adopt a pet according to his lifestyle, choose the breed, accompany him in his growth, his old age, what activities to do with his animal? As many questions as you ask us on our site, our networks to try to take care of your animal as well as possible.

Increasingly, ELEMENT VET is positioning itself as a companion for bipeds who have canines and felines by providing them with advice and offering real care programs. This is the Element Therapy , a program of treatments, over the year, which depending on the age or the type of animal, will complement and associate with each other.

Restoring the relationship and the balance between Man, Animal and Nature is our philosophy.

Valérie Maumon

Je vous offre mon expertise

Valérie Maumon

Je vous offre mon expertise

20 ans à parcourir les pistes avec mon attelage de huskies de Sibérie, à travers l'Europe,

3ème de la coupe du monde 2019, multi champions de France en traîneaux mi distance et vice championne de France en canicross.

Mes chiens sont toute ma vie, je les connais, les comprends et sais comment leur apporter santé et bien-être, faites-moi confiance !

ELEMENT VET n'est pas né par hasard, c'est le fruit de ma passion pour les animaux, de mon engagement envers la nature et de mon expertise du monde animal !

Our treatment programs

Each season has its program of cures. We have put together for you, according to the age and profile of your animal, a collection of products to improve its well-being and health.

In spring, nature wakes up, we take care of the hair that moults, we cleanse the organism and we rebalance it.

In the fall, joint and intestinal comfort is prepared.

In winter, we capitalize on our vitality, joint comfort, cocooning!

And in summer we energize, we rehydrate the organisms.

We calculate for you the number of tablets you need to follow these cure programs in complete zennitude! We offer a small animal program and another for the older ones!

A small gift will be slipped into your box!