Health Tips

Entretenir les griffes de son animal
  • Valérie Maumon

Entretenir les griffes de son animal

Le chien a un équilibre à l’horizontal avec une balance de répartition de poids légèrement supérieur sur l’avant main. La...
Prendre soin de son poil en été
  • Valérie Maumon

Take care of your hair in summer

The dog's fur during the summer plays a vital role in protecting against UV rays, thermal insulation and regulating body...
Choisir de soigner ses animaux au naturel
  • Valérie Maumon

Choose to care for your animals naturally

Phyto cures, which consist of the use of medicinal plants for therapeutic purposes, can offer many health benefits for dogs...
Comment masser son animal ?
  • Valérie Maumon

How to massage your animal?

Dog massage, feline massage or even equine massage is a fitness technique for animals.
Avez-vous réussi l'adaptation de votre chiot ?
  • Valérie Maumon

Have you successfully adapted to your puppy?

Many of you ask us for advice and tips on how to adapt your pet to the home.
­Vitality : stimule le tonus
  • Valérie Maumon

Vitality: stimulates tone

Stimulating your immune defences, boosting your tone and fighting brain aging is our goal with Vitality.
Et si on parlait DIGESTION
  • Valérie Maumon


We too often forget that gastric problems are the cause of many discomforts in animals.
Le krill : trésor de la mer
  • Valérie Maumon

Krill: treasure of the sea

We have indeed selected the best for our 4-legged worshippers.
Préparons en toute sérénité nos vacances avec notre compagnon
  • Valérie Maumon

Let's prepare our holidays in complete serenity with our...

In his “Holiday Special” section Yoann Latouche explains to us how to prepare well for your holidays with your pet and...