Avec la chaleur ATTENTION DANGER !


Attention danger

Every year we make you aware of the consequences of heat on our animals! Everyone is going to huff and tell me you know the precautions to take in the event of a heat wave and every year every week and I dare say almost every day I see either dogs in the sun with no possibility of getting in the shade and extreme runners (yes yes when it's 35°C) jogging with their dogs in the middle of the day. Rather wait until the evening or better in the morning in the cool, wet it or bathe it!

Heat stroke in dogs or cats is severe hyperthermia linked to external conditions (temperature above 40.5/41° C), which occurs when the body is subjected to an environment so hot and/or humid that its ability to heat dissipation are exceeded. A rising body temperature, rapid and intense breathing, loss of consciousness are all signs that may suggest heat stroke for your companion. Heat stroke can also occur during intense physical exertion in a hot environment without an adequate supply of water and without a cooling period. Watch out for older pets and puppies who have more difficulty regulating their temperature.

Water: A little water on the paws and head of your dog or cat will lower its body temperature. For smaller animals, a spray bottle of room temperature water will do the trick. Air so he can breathe and lie down in the coolest room possible. We understand better why our dogs dig in the summer (the rest of the year too but there they garden!). In their hole they are cool and can enjoy their siesta.

There are also cooling coats but be careful they must always be wet otherwise they will have the opposite effect on your dog.

The tar burns...

Can you imagine walking barefoot? According to "Science et Vie" when the air reaches 30°C to 40°C in the sun, the road surface heats up to about 60°C to 70°C.

It is better: Do not walk your dog, do not expose it and especially no physical activity.
A burnt pad is very painful. Of course there are remedies but let's preserve ourselves!

Natural solutions

Our repairing balm, a real must when you have an animal, can quickly help you relieve poor Heliot's paws! Calendula will soothe pain, HE will disinfect and zinc oxide will soothe and heal injured pads. Apply several times a day and protect with a boot until the balm penetrates (which is fast).

This balm can be used on all wounds. It is an essential care product that your Heliot will want to lend you when you have foot injuries, cracks or cuts, so you will understand the benefit of this remedy.

So VIGILANCE please.

If the heat stroke is confirmed: EMERGENCY

If your pet shows the symptoms of heatstroke, it is essential to lower its body temperature QUICKLY :

  • Place the animal in a shaded and ventilated area (use a fan or an open window)
  • Give the animal a bath with temperate but not icy water (otherwise it causes vasoconstriction which reduces heat loss) then cover its body with a wet towel. Maintain these gestures until a temperature of 39°C is obtained, then remove the towel to prevent hypothermia.
  • Bring him urgently to your veterinarian who will hospitalize him to ensure the support of his vital functions.