Comment masser son animal ?

How to massage your animal?

Discover our ELEMENT VET massage gel!

Our massage gel is a gel based on plant extracts (Arnica, Calendula, Aloe) and essential oils (Eucalyptus, Lavandin, Cinnamon, wintergreen). Thanks to its texture, it allows it to penetrate without leaving the dog's hair greasy.

Dog massage, feline massage or equine massage is a fitness technique for animals. It can be considered as a therapy and be part of a functional rehabilitation course. You may also simply want to touch, massage your animal for its well-being, and share a moment apart just between your hands and your companion.

Why massage your animal?

The therapeutic massage aims to:

– Remove pain

– Reduce the after-effects of an accident

– Improve wound healing

– Reduce recovery time.

This massage is used for therapeutic purposes for animals suffering from musculoskeletal conditions such as: osteoarthritis, dysplasia of the hip, elbow, herniated disc. The relaxing and anti-stress effects of massage can also be applied during thalassotherapy sessions for dogs or cats.

Our massage gel is also used for:

The active dog (sportsman and working dog) the massage improves its quality of recovery, that can authorize the animal to take again a sporting activity or work.

Well-being massage : massage therapy for animals consists, as for humans, of manipulating the skin, muscles and tendons. In addition to simple bodybuilding relaxation, this helps to better oxygenate the tissues and reduce the toxins present in the body. "being touched" is very important and pleasant for the animal. This affixing of the hands must be done gently, in harmony, respecting the reactions of the animal. At the end of this moment of calm, many fall asleep in complete confidence and relaxation.

Our massage gel is available in 150 ml and 500 ml bottles with an applicator cap

Our Massage Gel

How to massage your dog?

Discover below, how to give a massage to his animal with doctor Artem Rogalev: