Mue printanière du chien : c’est parti !

Spring molt of the dog: let's go!

If a swallow does not bring spring, your dog will not fail to announce the arrival of the beautiful season with its biannual moult.

Indeed, to adapt to the milder temperatures, he loses more or less irregularly, more or less impressively, a large amount of hair to make way for his new spring/summer collection coat. The consequences of shedding not only affect your house, which fills with hair like the decorations on a snow globe become covered with snowflakes, but they also affect your dog's skin and coat .

Here are some attentions to bring to have a dog well in his paws, well in his hair: brushing, a healthy diet and food supplement for the coat of the dog.

The importance of brushing

First of all, you can take advantage of sunny days to wash your dog with a suitable shampoo that will nourish and detangle the hair. Brushing is an essential mechanical operation, practice it regularly in order to rid your doggie of as much dead hair as possible .

In some animals this can turn into painful knots, in others it can cause skin ailments. This is a special period during which you have to be diligent and gentle, so brushing can turn into a moment of well-being for your pet.

There are brushes, cards, combs, adapted to each race according to the texture, the length and the density of the hair.

Bearing care

The pad is one of the sensitive places of the animal , it is composed of a significant layer of horn and an underlayer where there is an irrigated and fragile tissue. Thus, the pad is like a shock absorber which protects the fingers of the animal, however that does not prevent it from having some wounds or cracks , these can have multiple causes. Find our dedicated advice sheet " Treat the pads of dogs ".

Choosing a quality diet

As with humans, a rigorous diet is essential to the good general condition of your companion . Take the time to find out in order to choose the one that will be best suited to his balance, so your dog will retain all his energy, both in his body and in his hair.

The coat of the dog is an excellent indicator of the state of health. This "thermometer" must be read carefully and if, despite all the care taken, your pet continues to have a damaged and dull coat, it is important to consult a veterinarian.

Cure of food supplement for the coat of the dog

This is also the ideal time to start a course of food supplements for the dog's coat. The Coat and Pads formulation is indeed perfectly adapted to strengthen his coat and cleanse the skin.

What is our Coat & Pads dietary supplement for dogs made of?

Marine collagen is a product of natural origin, made in Brittany. It is obtained from the cartilage of rays. It has a positive action on all connective tissues. Its benefits are therefore also felt on the beauty of the skin and even on the health of the eyes. In the middle layer of the skin, the dermis, it contributes to the formation of a fibrous network, on which new cells can grow.

Brewer's yeast is made from strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It helps to fight digestive disorders but is also recommended for dermatological use and in cosmetology (rehydration, strengthening of claws and hair). Selenium is an essential trace element for the body that helps boost the immune system. Its antioxidant properties are involved in the fight against cellular aging.

Keratin is essential to the beauty of the coat, this protein has many properties, to the point of being THE beauty remedy for the majority of hair problems. Keratin is a synthesized protein and is used as the main component of skin, hair, claws and tooth enamel. From the start of use of keratin-enriched treatments, the coat regains shine, suppleness and color (visible on dark dogs).

Vitamin B5 promotes the growth and resistance of the skin and mucous membranes. It is necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins and participates in the synthesis of certain hormones. Its moisturizing properties are used in hair cosmetology because B5 increases the elasticity of hair, hair, skin and helps to counter their loss. Anti-infectious, healing, it ensures cell survival through its protective and stimulating action. This is therefore essential for the normal functioning and regeneration of epithelial tissues.

Vitamin B6 is the best known B group vitamin. This privilege comes from its facilitating action on the assimilation of magnesium, widely used in case of fatigue or stress. It is involved in the metabolism of all amino acids (the constituents of proteins) and allows the transformation of tryptophan (amino acid) into vitamin B3. It is essential for the production of various neuromediators or hormones: serotonin, adrenaline, noradrenaline and participates in the renewal of red blood cells and the functioning of the immune system.

Burdock is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It has softening properties and can have a positive effect on itching and inflammation. Renowned for its action on the skin, its root also regulates sebum secretion and is used for its diuretic properties on oily or infected skin problems.

Zinc has an impact on the whole organism, this trace element is a crucial element in the synthesis of collagen and keratin. It has healing and improving properties on the beauty of the coat. Zinc is the coenzyme of many metabolic systems. Essential for the blood transport of vitamin A, it plays an important role in reproduction. It is also a fundamental element of the integrity of the skin, and therefore of the quality of the hair. Finally, zinc helps in the elimination of lactates produced during brief and intense muscular effort.

It is particularly recommended for Nordic dogs, due to its zinc and trace element intake, which they do not assimilate sufficiently naturally.

Along with a balanced diet and regular brushing, the coat and paws food supplement for dogs is therefore an effective weapon to counter the uncomfortable effects of spring shedding on your dog's skin and hair, whatever its condition. breed and type of fur.