Prenez-vous soin de ses coussinets ?

Do you take care of his pads?

Do you check your Loulou's pads often enough?
In prevention when he is lying down and relaxed at home look at them, touch them, when the dogs are small teach them to let themselves be handled, touch the fingers, the interdigital spaces.
Before a cold climate, a walking effort, you can prepare the pads with the repairing balm .

After an effort, a hike, an outing on abrasive ground, a jog, get into the habit of carefully checking the pads and do not hesitate to apply the balm to soothe irritation.

In case of crevice cuts, I apply the balm to my snow champions several times a day and I always put on a boot to protect and let the balm act, and run the dog if the wound is healing.

One day a big and old veterinarian told me “no paws no dogs”!
I take great care of them because I ❤️ them and want the best for them!