Surmonter l’abandon de son chien !

Overcoming the abandonment of your dog!

Here is this March 16, 2020 the government announced THE confinement... We all found ourselves at home to protect each other, teleworking for some, stopping for others, over-activity for caregivers. We have just lived through a special, unique moment and we do not yet know if it will be exceptional, behind us or cyclical.

How was the lockdown? How was the return to work and how to deal with separation anxiety in dogs?

Living confined!

#Restezchezsoi has been a difficult, unrealistic time for some French people even who weren't used to staying in their apartment or house. Frequent weekend travelers, road workers etc... all had to drop anchor at the quay, and stay on board overnight! Find new marks in his home, a new rhythm and take care of the 4-legged inhabitant who lives all year round in our space, which is actually his space.

Some pet owners have rediscovered their roommate, got to know the rhythm of their days: Get up, eat, go out and sleep a lot! However, with us at home, the requests are numerous and sometimes they could have been misunderstood by the animal. What is certain is that our animals feel all our emotions and that our love filter has not prevented stress, anxiety, euphoria, from passing from us to him...

So how did he behave?

Some cats have lost their bearings, no longer knowing where to lie down to be forgotten, to escape our bursts of anxiety, caresses, emotions. Dog owners have multiplied the walks by transforming Bob's daily outing into their authorized outing to breathe and escape the house.

Other very athletic duos had to stop their training and found themselves on forced rest. How to manage the need for exercises of certain breeds and bulimic masters of sport?

Then everyone got more or less used to it, got used to the space again and a routine so dear to our animals settled in. Finally a rhythm! get up, go out, eat and sleep... Despite the rather bad and anxiety-provoking news, time has passed. The children who had returned to school at home (hello anxiety!) have also calmed down or it is the parents who have capitulated!

And then... we were finally told THE déconfinement! we were told the stories of the red and green zones and the hope of being Liberated Delivered appeared! Finally, we brought out Bob further, longer, in short all day, pov Bob Libéré Exhausted!

and the office called...

Here we have to go back to the office it's official ... all day! ... but how are we going to do with Bob? This morning we got up yes together because we sleep in "our bed" now, we went out and we did his trick that he likes and presto before leaving for work we handed his bowl to Bob with the chicken sauce from last night that we had kept for him, I took bag and jacket and hop to the door. "But no, Bob, you stay and keep house!" And that's the drama... he understands, insists, we pull him inside and he makes "eyes" at us, the eyes of the depressed, misunderstood dog , disillusioned abandoned ... and we close the door and we go to work with a lump in our stomachs, thinking back to our lover alone, in the empty house. No more screaming, no more noise, plenty of empty places to lie down to sleep. But Bob doesn't want to sleep anymore! he used to doze off with reassuring noises finally, to follow his Valoche in the kitchen, then in the garden, then in the office (yes Valoche telecommutes!) and there nothing is nothingness! HE IS ALONE ...

During this time we have a series of meetings at a good distance from each other I reassure you, and then wow we think of Bob, a flash attacks us, assails us we wonder what he is doing, what he thinks and we feel guilty Again. When we get home, we kiss him, we serve him hum his smell, we missed his hair and he's on top he gives us a hell of a party and we try to make up for lost time together. Bob is reassured and can't imagine that tomorrow we'll have to go back and leave him all day, but he has some ideas for having a little fun!
How many days will his crisis last in the morning, and his anger because he has character Bob he peed in the kitchen to get revenge and show that he was not happy and that it is not very nice what we are doing to him do ! not nice not nice to leave it then hop a pee over there and hold one on the end of the sofa too. Mum and the SHE of the weekend want to crack to pieces!
Last night he even ran away to the park, ah ah we thought we had tamed him, Valoche called him and was even very afraid of having lost him and he came back proud, puffed up like a lion! This morning he is no longer eating...depressed Bob Valoche is very worried, she listens to all of Chrystelle's web chronicles, and watches TV shows with Solène, Yoyo and Sandrine then decides to visit Dr Waffinou!
Damn confinement, deconfinement! before he was doing very well Bob! There he is no longer where he lives, he thinks he is Didier and Valoche has become a grandmother to his doggie, who no longer goes out even if it means lying to his girlfriends to stay with him, sets priorities to get home faster , and close your eyes before pushing the door open and discovering the nonsense of the day. We must react !

And at your place how was the COVID with Candy?

However, there are solutions to fight against separation anxiety in dogs...

Valoche listened carefully to the advice of Dr. Waffinou: "Medicinal plants have a privileged place in the care of animals. Thanks to their active ingredients, they exert a direct biological action on the body, and play a decisive role in supporting metabolic functions and regulatory mechanisms. They have anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, immune properties, etc."

It's decided, she's starting Bob's treatment tonight! She took the advice of her dear Dr (beautiful as a heart by the way), bought the necklace, the diffuser, the candy dispenser and is still thinking about the webcam...

Then, on the advice of the handsome doctor, we are going to start an anti-stress "well-being" cure with the green tree ELEMENT.

Want to know more about this supplement...

It is noted, I read: "Who is this supplement for":

"Hyperactive dog - unstable young dog during training or work (concentration) - behavioral problems leading to licking wounds - self-mutilation of a limb - eating disorder - sleep - separation anxiety - destructive - post-move anxiety - travel - death - fearful animal - dog/cat excited by the heat of neighboring females."

Well yes Bob is a summary of all this, damn COVID!

"How to give it to your animal" yes because Bob is a gourmet!! don't do it to him!

"The tablets are palatable to the liver, and divisible, so it is easy to give them in the croquettes during the meal for example." It's true Bob loves them and even takes them as treats! he recognizes the noise in the box and stands at attention!!

So FREED DELIVERED we finally live again! Thank you Dr Waffinou (he I keep it for myself) and to you I strongly recommend this relaxation cure to fight against separation anxiety in dogs! VALIDATED by Bob!!