Surmonter le handicap des chiens avec les tri’Pattes !

Overcome the handicap of dogs with tri'Pattes!

Trilegs ?? An association with a big heart! Welcome to the world of 3-legged warriors!

The association was created in order to help people overcome the handicap of dogs. One day they were desperate, sad or felt guilty that they had to have the amputation. The association is there to listen, advise, support in bad times but also to dialogue, laugh and reveal the lives of superheroes. No judgment here!

Les tri'pattes was created by Jérôme and Noémie following an accident in the life of Rosco, their dog.

Jérôme is a veterinarian who graduated from the National Veterinary School of Lyon, he is an animal lover, and he likes to find solutions to each problem and each case. He loves his job and life.

Noémie, his wife, is a specialized veterinary assistant who graduated from the Aix-en Provence school in 2003. She is passionate about functional rehabilitation and all "so-called" comfort therapies for elderly or disabled animals.

Accompanying the handicap of dogs

The handicap of dogs is no longer taboo. Many of us have seen a three-legged dog at one time or another, and most dogs do very well in this situation. Whether following an accident or due to an illness, the amputation of a limb is now much more often considered as an alternative to euthanasia than before. Although it requires surgery and a long recovery time, an amputation can significantly improve a dog's quality of life because it removes the source of his pain and suffering.

Psychological support

As Noémie says: " Disability is not inevitable. No euthanasia when life is possible with one member less..." But the association goes further and also offers financial aid for help families in the often costly care caused by these surgical and post-operative interventions. This is why Les tri'pattes are looking for kind donors to continue their actions. Beyond these supports, the association can also help families to familiarize themselves with the motor care equipment: trolleys, harnesses, and other life accessories.

Let's support the Tripattes

We are delighted with our new partnership with Les tri'pattes .

Our driving force at is Animal Welfare, so when Noémie Ranvin contacted us, we didn't hesitate for a second. We are delighted to support this association and to be able to make a contribution to treat the handicap of dogs.

Having an amputated animal is not an end in itself, the animal has enormous adaptability and with the right follow-up and the right veterinary care, your companion will remain by your side at all times of daily life. can help the animal to feel better during its treatment and adaptation phase. Our anti-stress supplement soothes the animal during this difficult period, our repairing balms help with healing, our massage gels associated with organic linen compresses relax numb muscles, finally the formulation for the joints strengthens diminished limbs to restore mobility and vitality. Of course special purchasing conditions are offered to members of the association and we will do our utmost to communicate and highlight the exemplary work of the association, because we are very touched by the story of Noémie and Rosco. and by the future of these nice friends who are not spared by life.