­Vitality : stimule le tonus

Vitality: stimulates tone

Vitality: stimulates tone and fights against aging

Stimulate immune defenses with Vitality ELEMENTVET

Stimulating his immune defences, boosting his tone and fighting against cerebral aging in your companion is our goal with this Vitality food supplement.
We manufacture in France, this natural formula based on plants, vitamins and minerals to support your pet's body in difficult times.

For what ?

Our animals sometimes need a little help to help them have more energy. The body is very stressed during growth, aging, an illness in progress, in convalescence, or because of a major sporting activity.

Oxidative stress induces many damages to DNA, cells, organs and physiological processes that fight against free radicals.

Since the brain is mainly made up of lipids, it is very sensitive to this oxidation. It is also important to support the immune system which allows the body to fight infections.

During these intense periods, it is beneficial to help the body to have more vitality, but also to help it adapt and recover thanks, for example, to good sleep. The cure can last 15 days and be recommended if necessary.

Who is this supplement for?

This supplement is intended for animals in full growth, learning and significant stimulation of the immune system.

But also to older animals, in the form of biannual cures
having a long illness or being in convalescence.
It can also be used as complementary food for a working animal, a sporting dog, during intense periods of training, racing, or competitions.

It is recommended to use this supplement when certain disorders have been reached: a lack of dynamism, cognitive disorders (disorientation, apathy), a reduction in the immune system, a cerebrovascular accident or in the prevention of cataracts.

A few precautions to take…

For older animals and animals with motor disorders, it is advisable to combine Vitality with the Reinforced joint supplement and Krill . Ask your veterinarian for advice.

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