Partez-vous en vacances avec votre chien ?

Are you going on vacation with your dog?

Every year it's the same dilemma for some: take Storm or choose a destination alone and entrust their animal to a nanny! Several families oppose:

Never without my Chienchou!

With them, it is inconceivable and unimaginable to go on vacation without him! Summer holidays are the moment of relaxation expected all year round when the whole family spends time together, we love sporting journeys, lazing around to decompress and let go. And when we talk about the FAMILY we must understand: parents, children and pets. The "never without my Dogchou" choose their destination or their mode of stay taking into account all these parameters. Today many, campsites, hotels, clubs, rentals, Motorhomes accept our 4-legged friends and very fortunately. Guides are even available listing the cool places to go with your dog.

Nanny searches desperately!

Others travel alone, offering their Guizmo summer care, at home, in a pension club or with pet sitters (host families). The good addresses are quickly popular and it is important to visit the place of care beforehand, to meet the people who will take care of Guizmo to ensure that he will be in good company in a pleasant and safe environment. The "nanny searches" want to leave with peace of mind, even if they feel a little guilty on the day of the placement, but they are convinced that the dog will be fine and that they will also have a good holiday which is not suitable for the care of their animal.

And how are you leaving? Is a place in your trunk reserved for Storm, Guizmo, Nala or Lady? Do you have a great plan to keep Feever? What activities do you do with your dog, tell us and show us your photos, a small gift will be offered to the most beautiful holiday story!

Leave safely with a complete and practical first aid kit !

Good holiday plans:

  • Great motorhomes and van rental companies in Grenoble: Blacksheep Van Grenoble
  • Animaute the only care site founded and monitored by a veterinarian, offering you certified and selected families who will quickly become Minnie and Jekyll's weekend or holiday friends!

It's up to you to tell us about your vacation...