Démarrer le Canicross !

Start the Canicross!

Come on Go it's decided we're going!

Canicross is a sporting activity that has been booming in recent years. What could be more enjoyable than running with your dog! However, this discipline can prove to be physically engaging for the master and the animal if a few basic rules are not followed.

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1 - Equip yourself well!

The master can focus on a running or trail outfit with shoes adapted to the terrain (crampons for example in the mountains or on slippery ground).
A harness, an elastic lanyard, and a harness for Monsieur Toutou! Each dog must have a harness adapted to its morphology, do not hesitate to try these harnesses and to seek advice in specialized stores. The harness should be comfortable for the handler, to make maximum use of the animal's traction. A belt can be used but it tends to be less comfortable than a harness that will play on the hips.

2 - Before running to harness your dog, you must know how to run alone and this may require some preparation time. Start jogging or trail running and do interval training to get used to getting your heart rate up.

3 - Get your animal used to the harness and to running in front of you, some dogs will know how to do it very well and others will need a little learning. Train your animal by respecting the hours of exits, neither too close to the meal, nor under high temperatures. Extend the sessions gradually, and work while having fun with your animal, after all you are starting a hobby for 2!! Depending on the breed, the age, the level of the dog, it will always be necessary to respect a recovery time after the sessions and think about its care.

4 - Treatments. Just as you put on your sports shoes, you have to prepare the dog's pads, protect them and care for them in case of injuries. Favor grassy ground over tarmac roads to be banned for the well-being of your animal. Warm it up, hydrate it, relax it and massage it after effort. And yes you are not the only athlete in the pair far from it. In certain disciplines such as mushing, dogs come before humans, all the attention is focused on them! Fortunately, the natural solutions designed by ELEMENT.vet exist to bring all the necessary well-being to your champion and you can even steal his massage gel!

5 - Are you both ready to start a first competition? Well done, it's D-Day! Reassure your animal, too many human athletes who are intoxicated and excited by the stress of competition transfer their nervousness to the dog! Cool on the contrary, reassure him he will have to run among other dogs, overtake and concentrate. Encourage him he will surpass himself! Create this unique bond with him, feel this common motivation that will make your duo become successful. The competition is not for you? why deprive yourself of running in leisure with Monsieur Toutou? Enjoy and savor these moments of sharing at the bend of a river and a beautiful meadow.

You will have understood that canicross is a sport but it is also a wonderful way to share sensations and pleasure with your furry friend!
So don't hesitate any longer 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 GO and don't forget he's the Champion!!

ELEMENT.vet Go Go!