Abandonner son animal !

Abandon your animal!

The decision is made tomorrow I take Storm to the shelter. I have to leave early because the children might see me leave. I'm going to give him a last bowl he liked this moment and off we go. He is cooperative he loves driving, he sings he thinks we are going for a walk. I park and take him on a leash, he's a little overexcited, he thinks we're going for a walk. First contact with a volunteer, he makes her happy because he likes meeting people, the volunteer asks me questions about his character, he's an easy dog, I raised him well!

I give her the leash and I thank her, we can see that she loves animals, she will take good care of him. A pat on the head and I turn on my heels I have a crazy day, I'm in a hurry. Storm watches me go he tries to follow me but the lady holds him back with her leash. He yaps he jumps he wants to break free to join me, he sees that I'm going back to the car, his car. He shouts loudly his car leaves without him. I turn on the radio and walk away.

He's handsome, kind and educated, he'll quickly find a new family who will have time for him, who will play sports, with children, a garden... yet that was us before!

Before ...

Have you read ? are you shocked? do you understand or worse condone? you put yourself in the place of this monster of selfishness... not me ?

I imagine the fear of the following days, the feeling of abandonment, the incomprehension that this animal must feel despite the fantastic work of the volunteers in the shelter.

Yes I revolt! Because you can't give your life to your passion, which has become my job and see that for many, taking an animal has become a whim, an accessory of life and without undoing. On the one hand, animal protection deploys mad energy to welcome and educate the populace and, on the other, to see that we continue to produce and sell puppies and abandon them.

I am shocked in my sensitivity, I am bruised by what I read in their eyes and revolted by these soulless individuals. REACT!!!

I live, I breathe with them..


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