Tic Tac c’est l’heure de notre cure d’hiver !

Tic Tac it's time for our winter cure!

Elemental therapy for our pets

Know your dog, adopt a pet according to his lifestyle, choose the breed, accompany him in his growth, his old age, define his activities with his animal? As many questions as you ask us on our site, our networks to try to take care of your animal as well as possible.

Increasingly, ELEMENT VET is positioning itself as a companion for bipeds who have canines and felines by providing them with advice and offering real care programs.

Restoring the relationship and the balance between man, animal and nature is the philosophy of ELEMENT VET.

Discover the new cure to face the cold period

Elementherapy is a program of cures, over the year, which depending on the age or the type of animal, will complement and associate with each other.

We advise you for the winter, our second winter cure, which contains a cure of 2 months for an animal of less than 15 kilos, but also for an animal of more than 15 kilos with:

  • a reinforced joint treatment
  • a Krill Oil treatment
  • a Vitality treatment
  • a massage gel


In December, the winter box is offered to ensure the joint comfort of our animals during the cold season.

By ordering your Elemental Therapy box, you will receive all the supplements for this period at once.

A small gift will be slipped into your box!!

But why choose these supplements?

We have selected these products so that your cure best meets the needs of our animals during this cold period. The reinforced joint is ideal for preventing and relieving your dog or cat's joint problems caused by the humidity and cold of winter.

After an outing on a cool day, what could be better than a relaxing massage by the fire! Our massage gel will complete the Element Therapy with the reinforced joint. By massaging the muscle areas of your pet you will relieve his pain. In addition, massage remains the ultimate well-being treatment that allows you to spend a moment of complicity with your animal.

We complete our food ration with a dose of omega-3 with our “Krill oil” supplement. These small capsules have a high content of essential amino acids and a great richness in fatty acids whose cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory benefits are widely demonstrated and recognized.

We have also added a “Vitality” cure to stimulate your animal and its immune defenses at the start of winter, boost its tone with the cocktail of vitamins, magnesium, Ginkgo and Ginseng while fighting against brain aging.

I quickly order my winter cure, it's here:

Our winter cure

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Tic Tac c’est l’heure de notre cure d’hiver !
  • Valérie Maumon

Tic Tac it's time for our winter cure!