Championnat du Monde d’Agility en Finlande ! Tous derrière Pauline et Larse

Agility World Championship in Finland! All behind Pauline and Larse

Pauline is our ambassador , a great specialist in Agility and canine sports preparation.

From today Pauline and the French team will start the events of this World Championship, we wanted to come back to her career and her preparation with Pauline tells us a bit about this event and especially about your dog.

Pauline: We are leaving with the French team for the Agility World Championships which are taking place in Finland from September 19 to 22, 2019.

Larkenstone magical story the black of sun grains!! Nicknamed Larke is a 4 year old shetland. She is a real four-legged athlete but above all she is also a real teammate who shares my life, my daily life, my desires and my passion: Agility!

Her education began in her first months, she then discovered Agility and started her first competitions around the age of two. We started this season in February with the FCI selectives. We have therefore been preparing since the start of the year, but more particularly since June, for this World Championship. Pauline, you have known the range well for more than 2 years, how do you use it?

Pauline: The range allows me to keep my dog ​​in shape and at the top of her performance all year round thanks to the different food supplements depending on the season. Agility is a real sport, so I try to protect my dog's joints as much as possible, to provide him with as many vitamins as possible and to protect his digestive system.

Which product is my favourite? It's too difficult a question… because I have plenty of them!

Let's say that in my clientele (because I'm also a canine osteopath), I use a lot of the “Reinforced joint” and “Digestion” supplements, the effects of which no longer need to be proven.

For my dogs, we never go to competition without our "Massage Gel" and especially the "Rehydrating", it allows them to have an excellent recovery, everything is already in my suitcase! they will be traveling to Finland.

The World Championship is a very special competition, it is often the objective of the year or even more. This is the second for me as a competitor and the first for Larke, we will only run the team event. Our main objective is to take advantage of the event, have as much fun as possible and do what we know how to do, from a sporting point of view we must bring back two clear rounds to our team. Our three other teammates are also working hard and we have the common goal of bringing home a medal! We wish you good luck and we will of course follow you GO GO girls and all our positive thoughts are with you and the French team!

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