ELEMENT.vet partenaire de l’Equipe de France d’Agility au Championnat du Monde (Suède)

ELEMENT.vet partner of the French Agility Team at the World Championship (Sweden)

Small article by Pauline Mignot, Dog Form, sports trainer and osteopath:

Because our agility dogs are athletes and they must be considered and respected as such, this year I once again accepted the post of Canine Osteopath for the French team. We will therefore leave with Team France for Sweden from October 3 to 7 for the World Championships.

Like any high-level athlete, the agility dog ​​is subject to physical constraints and particular postures which expose them to frequent micro-traumas.

The regular intervention of the osteopath and the physiotherapist makes it possible to detect and treat these restrictions of mobility, to prepare the dog physically well and thus to considerably reduce the risk of injuries but also to optimize the performances (improvement of the gesture, of posture, recovery ....) knowing that at high level, 30 hundredths of a second make the difference to obtain a title!

We will be helped in our mission (daily follow-up of the 16 Canine athletes) by our partner ELEMENT.vet who accompanies us with high quality products, such as the Massage gel with essential oils and the Rehydrating agent , which have already proven themselves throughout the year and who will undoubtedly be two important allies in the care of our dogs and their performances. Pauline Mignot Dog Form.

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