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    EasyGroomer Dog and Cat Brush

    $26.00 USD

    Get rid of dead hair gently

    Get rid of dead hair gently

    The blade of the EasyGroomer brushes has a micro-teeth design that only removes already dead hair, and does not pull live hair from the animal's body.

    Good grip

    Pleasure treatment

    Removes dirt and dead hair

    Pour cheval
    Pour chien
    Et pour chat !
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    EasyGroomer Dog and Cat Brush

    L'Élémenthérapie au service de nos animaux


    The EasyGroomer 5″ brush (13 cm long) is ideal for your dog or cat’s hair!

    Small in size and with a well-designed handle for a good grip, it effectively removes hair. This brush is perfect especially for the shedding period of dogs and cats before summer.

    The EasyGroomer brush blade has a micro-teeth design that allows only dead hair to be removed. This brush does not pull out live hair from the animal's body.
    By its design, the EasyGroomer is particularly practical for sensitive dogs or cats who do not tolerate the wide teeth of the blades of more traditional brushes. In fact, most dogs and cats find grooming very relaxing and enjoyable. To try it is to adopt it !See the video

    And what's more, they are eco-friendly in natural wood and colorful!

    There is a horse model:EquiGroomer

    Conseils de pro

    I think this brush is fantastic! During shedding it is a real headache to find a good brush that does not pull the hair and does not hurt the animal. No more hostage-taking to brush them, the undercoat is removed very quickly without having to press. When the dog returns from training or a muddy outing, it is very easy to remove this dried mud or dirt left on the coat. A revolution for me because when you have several dogs, brushing must be quick and efficient, and what a joy to see that the dog also enjoys it a lot!

    Valérie Maumon

    Conseils d'utilisation

    Brush without moderation! From a young age it is important to accustom your pet to being brushed and washed. This brush is perfect especially for the shedding period of dogs and cats before summer.
    Our EasyGroomer brushes can really be used all year round, they also allow you to remove dirt from the hair, for example after a muddy outing!

    On the other hand, our brush does not detangle long hairs and knots (Maine Coon).

    Indications selon l’animal

    For all types of dog or cat. there is a longer horse version.

    Customer Reviews

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    Sylvie R

    Tout le monde apprécie cette nouvelle brosse (4 🐱 2 🐶). Je n'aurais jamais cru qu'ils avaient autant de poils morts.
    Magique aussi pour nettoyer les coussins et fauteuils.
    Je recommande à tous les parents de compagnons à quatre pattes

    Je recommande

    Efficace également pour les poils courts, même sur les chiens sensibles. Moment bien être assuré!!!

    Totalement ravis

    Nn est TOTALEMENT ravis de la brosse !
    Je m’attendant à quelque chose de bien, mais là c’est au delà de mes espérances
    J’en ai tester 4 autres auparavant et rien ne nous a convenu

    Coline SOUDY
    Vous pouvez y aller les yeux fermés !

    Cette brosse est parfaite ! Très efficace et mes chats l'adore ! Je l'ai prise en regardant une vidéo sur youtube, je confirme son efficacité ! Mon amie va en acheter une pour son frère en juillet ! Le service client est de qualité, ils ont réagi tout de suite lorsque j'ai formulé une demande. Vous pouvez y aller les yeux fermés !

    Merci beaucoup pour votre retour ❤️