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    Summer cure

    $57.00 USD
    Pet weight

    Elemental therapy: our summer cure program

    Elementherapy is a program of cures, over the year, which depending on the age or the type of animal, will complement and associate with each other.

    We pamper the hair of our animal

    We rehydrate to stay active

    We take care of the skin and the hair

    Made in France
    natural ingredients
    For dog
    And for cat!
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    Summer cure

    Elementotherapy at the service of our animals


    For the summer, we offer you our summer treatment, which containsa 2 month treatmentfor an animal weighing less than 15 kilos, or for one weighing more than 15 kilos:

    A surprise is hidden in your packages!
    By ordering your summer box you receive the entire collection for a 2-month treatment.

    Pro tips

    I love this Rehydration solution and I admit that it is essential in summer to enjoy certain sporting activities. After each outing my little ones have their recovery soup. I also use it on my oldest so that the heat doesn't dehydrate them too much.

    We continue the spring “Pelage” treatment. This will rebalance the body with vitamins, zinc, oligos and boost hair regrowth.

    I admit to rediscovering the pleasure of washing my animals with this shampoo bar! the texture of moss and the smell of Alpine fir! Once washed, we move on to brushing with Easy Groomer!

    I love doing this treatment for my animals, I get as much pleasure from it as they do!

    Usage tips

    In summer, it is important to keep your pet active despite the heat and summer conditions. With our rehydration solution, the body will be protected. Now is the time to take the opportunity to wash your little one who comes out of the sea and take care of his coat!

    Indications according to the animal

    Containsa 2 month treatmentfor an animal weighing less than 15 kilos, but also for an animal weighing more than 15 kilos.