ELEMENT.vet tout naturellement…

ELEMENT.vet quite naturally…

The animal world has always fascinated me and working with dogs was obvious to me. Daily care, relief and performance for our 4-legged friends thanks to natural products is our DNA!
At ELEMENT.vet, everything is done to bring Well-Being and Performance to the dogs of masters concerned about their development and happiness. Throughout his life, our dog needs specific care and we want to provide you with all the natural solutions thanks to our food supplements, to share these moments of life with your animal. The natural reserve of plants is immense and their virtues incredible, trust us let ELEMENT.vet take care of your companion.
Today our formulas are recommended and sold by a large number of veterinarians or phyto specialists.

Valérie Maumon, founder of ELEMENT.vet

“Concerned about the general well-being of my dogs, I have spent several years looking for natural products to complement the quality food they receive, and allow them to achieve our sporting goals.

This research was conducted with my veterinarian specializing in sporting dogs. Not having been able to find solutions that met all my requirements, I decided to create my own line of natural products and food supplements. I am happy to be able to share with you today my natural recipes developed by specialists in the animal world and made in our French Alps. »


French made

Our natural food supplements are manufactured by our laboratory specialized for 30 years in herbalism. With more than 450 carefully selected plant references, our laboratory has a wide choice and recognized know-how. All the manufacturing and packaging phases are manual, so as to guarantee the constant quality of our plants.

The plus: total control of raw material supply circuits and quality control and reception procedures.

Find us on our website: ELEMENT.vet on our Facebook page .

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