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    Powdered complementary food

    Dehydration in dogs is far from a trivial matter, it can become a veterinary emergency, because severe states of dehydration can endanger the life of the animal.

    Our solution is a complementary powdered food aimed at rehydrating the animal, restoring the hydro-electrolyte balance, compensating for the loss of electrolytes in the event of heavy sweating.

    Promotes rehydration of the animal

    Restores water-electrolyte balance

    Preserves the muscle potential of the animal

    Fabriqué en France
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    L'Élémenthérapie au service de nos animaux


    Sporting dog or working dog: complementary food powder for isotonic exercise drink. Complex aimed at combating dehydration of the animal after exercise. Preservation of the dog's muscular potential thanks to vitamin E and selenium. Water-soluble electrolytes produce ions, i.e. electrically charged particles (sodium, potassium). Maltodextrin ensures good recharging of muscle glycogen when the drink is distributed within 30 minutes after exercise.

    Also find the “Rehydration” food supplement in the“Sports package”.

    Maltodextrin 88.5% or 14g per pod.

    Jar of 300 Gr, 1 Kg, and box of 12 sachets. Made in France, French Alps.

    Conseils de pro

    I give a rehydration soupafter each training and competition roundto rehydrate my dogs. I dissolve one pod per dog for 500 ml of water with some kibble. Thanks to this formulaVET ELEMENTdogs recover quickly and are well hydrated, especially as temperatures have been getting higher and higher in recent seasons.

    Valérie Maumon

    Conseils d'utilisation

    Dissolve 1 scoop per dog in 500 mL of water (measuring spoon provided). In sachet form: dissolve the sachet (daily dose for a 20 kg dog) in water. The powder is flavored with grilled chicken.
    Ask your veterinarian for advice.

    Indications selon l’animal

    To rehydrate your pet after intense activity, and during periods of high heat.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Abdel Moreno
    Top produit !

    Cette solution de ré hydratation est super efficace et mes chiens l’adorent. Enfin un produit avec des électrolytes ! Le gros format est très économique et les petits sachets très pratiques à emporter avec soi en compétition ou autres. Je recommande vivement !

    Rosa Loubert

    Bonne récupération. Indispensable pour mon chien qui craint vraiment la chaleur

    Deleted user



    Papier produit qui évite et diminue considérablement les courbatures post balade, aide aussi à récupérer par forte chaleur. Je ne peux que la recommander !

    Je recommande !

    Le petit complément Post-randonnée pour mes chiens pour les aider à la réhydratation ! Ils apprécient leur petit breuvage avec la poudre :) , pas toujours gagné selon les compléments de réhydratation! Pari réussi !