Le Team ELEMENT.vet Champion de France MID 6 chiens pure race 2018 !

Team ELEMENT.vet Champion of France MID 6 purebred dogs 2018!

"Valérie Maumon's crew had already set foot on the Vercors Quest last week, settling at the foot of the podium in this international competition.

So, he was promised the best in Fourgs (25) where this last weekend the French half-distance championships in purebred six dogs were disputed. And the best happened for the Lancey champion at the end of this two-day race with two 25 km races run “in memorable weather conditions” according to Valérie Maumon.

Indeed, "Saturday's round took place under heavy downpours making the performance of the dogs particularly difficult since there was no slipping".

The Villardian crew finished in 2nd place in this first round, posting a delay of seven minutes on the first competitor. “On Sunday, we had to have more km to cover, around 40, but the weather conditions did not allow the organizing club to secure such a long track. So we left for 25 km which did not benefit us. From then on, “we set off again in warrior mode to make up for lost time and try to achieve the feat of being in front…” And the feat took place. “The dogs, very fit, on the second day, without any lameness or muscular problem, achieved a perfect round, disciplined and combative. I caught up with the competitor who had started six minutes before me and I arrived at the finish four minutes ahead of him, the mass was over! », Comments Valérie Maumon.

years of work

“I am very proud of my dogs. Of the six harnessed this weekend, four were born at home and were guided by the two oldest. It is a work of several years. What's more, a collective work", recalling that Stéphanie Poloni "is my handler and accompanies me on all my races and my training sessions".

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