Qui est notre Héros !

Who is our Hero!


We have all lived with a special dog, a dog that is just exceptional! A sportsman, a warrior, a companion quite simply who knew how to take his place within our families and make people forget this lack by his presence.

An animal that made us happy and with whom something special happened. Tell us your story and why he will forever be your hero...

Now here are your stories, and we are going to ask you to vote for the most beautiful story, the master and the furry one will be rewarded with many prizes. Pay attention to your votes!!

Hyuri's story

Hyuri came into my life when I entered vet school!
This little ball of fur started by teaching me patience and calm! Subsequently, he taught me to be more sociable, to communicate better! He gradually became my best friend! The one with whom I share all my activities (agility, oberythmy, jogging, hikes and cuddling time) and who comforts me during difficult times!
Then he "lent me his body" to train me for my future job (clinical examination, X-ray position, and all the little daily care such as nail clipping, dressings, etc...) and this always in joy and good humor!
He has been with me for more than 6 years now, he has transformed my life, my way of seeing dogs, their education and their way of communicating (very practical in my job by the way).
He manages to make me smile when things aren't going well, his calm calms me down, when I'm stressed, his loving gaze relaxes me and I dare to believe that the opposite is also true!
In short my dog ​​is not the strongest, nor the fastest, he is a real complainer who also has his faults, he has daily needs which could be seen as a constraint for some but his presence brings me so much to the daily !
One day unfortunately he will leave us, my pain will be enormous but his presence will always be there! When I look at a dog, when I do my job, or quite simply when I'm myself, he'll be there and that's how we recognize a real hero!

Heaven's Story

This little dog who made you addicted to hiking every Monday, this dog who also makes you stress because she goes hunting and does not come back right away.

This little dog, on the contrary, pot of glue at home who sticks to your bed, turning his back like I'm not there. This love is her!

Kenai's story

Having a dog was a reflection of 6 years: I spent hours on the internet, contacting owners to find out about breeds. During my studies, while I was revising for my exams, a cannonball literally ran into me. Its owner arrived full of panic and apologized for the inconvenience. But I was captivated by the beauty of her dog. He then answered all my questions about this breed that I did not know: the Akita Inu.
Being aware that a dog is a significant responsibility, I saved and waited to have finished my schooling and found a job to embark on the adventure. I discovered a small breeding not very far from my home. I became friends with the breeder. I had the possibility of taking a dog right away, but I preferred to wait. So I waited two years before falling on my little angel. I was the first to choose on the litter and when kenai and I met it was obvious: his sacred character already as a puppy, his look, his charisma, I liked everything about him. But what seduced me the most was his behavior when I arrived in the room where they were all. Kenai didn't jump on me. He took the time to observe, then he stormed off like a fury. And that's when I said to myself it's him.
I picked up kenai at 8 weeks. At first everything was going well, then after two weeks at my house, trouble started. Kenai has contracted Parvovirus. He was therefore rushed to hospital. 6 days in hell, where he was between life and death. The disease was already at a very advanced stage and the vet was not optimistic. I told him to give him all the necessary care. I spent almost a week going back and forth between the clinic and my job. I didn't want to leave him alone there. Finally, Kenai reacted well to the treatment and the veterinarian confirmed that my little ball of fur was a fighter!
So we resumed our usual train train. Then when kenai was 8 months old, on the advice of her sister's owner, I had a check-up done for dysplasia. Kenai's gait was different. He didn't sit like other dogs. The verdict is in: bilateral dysplasia D.
And there the fear, the pain, the anger, I went through all the possible and imaginable states. The only thing I was sure of was that I would fight for him. So I started the process for an operation. But in view of the advanced stage of his disease, the hip prosthesis was the best.
So I saved up to pay for his operation. But my small salary was not enough and there was urgency. A friend who also owns an akita has launched a solidarity kitty on the internet. Which allowed me to pay for the first operation. Following this, I had to change all the accessories I had bought: I invested in a memory foam mattress, in a new harness...
Since ken'ai's operation took place when he was very young, socialization could not be done properly. Difficulties with people and other dogs followed his operation when he started to evolve again in the outside world (he stayed 4 months in a crate).
His behavior is inappropriate and may appear violent. A lot of people advised me to get rid of him but that was out of the question. I would fight until the end for him. We both redouble our efforts to correct the deviant behaviors that he may put in place. I had canicross and hiking projects with him, but I readjusted my desires and my projects in order to allow him to have a good life. It was hard and it still is today because one of his hips is still not operated, and his behavior is unpredictable but kenai is faithful and loyal. And that's also why I took her breeder to court because when Kenai declared her illness, she completely disappeared from circulation. Kenai and I have a real bond and each day we are progressing gradually. He is not the ideal dog in the eyes of the world but he is my perfection. He is my hero despite a complicated entry into life, he fought and gives me a hundredfold all the love I give him. Every day I try to live up to his courage and perseverance.
He changed my life because he teaches me every day that life is a fight worth fighting.

Did Ella's story change your life?

Ella arrived on 12/23/2016, under the Christmas tree. Basically, I wanted a puppy. But on my way to the spa, I ran into Ella. A grandma. Well 13 years old. Picked up by the pound a few days before Christmas, in a catastrophic state. I went to take her for a walk in front of the spa, I asked her if she wanted to be my dog. She jumped on me! So I adopted her.
13 years old, malnourished, one eye gouged out, a bundle of hair less due to stress, breast tumors, and breath to take off the wallpaper.
We had to be patient. A few meters of walk at a time, and then climb the 3 floors with a skeleton in your arms so many times a day. Little granny dog ​​sweaters to keep from catching cold, even if it means making your friends laugh...
And then.....
The walks became longer and longer, the skeleton heavier and heavier. The sweaters have become rare.....
Ella is a warrior. She survived an abandonment before Christmas, she even found all her energy in it.
Today we are going on a day trip. She comes with me to jog. The vet finds her miraculous. She plays ball for hours and gives billions of hugs every second. She no longer has a sweater. She hunts lizards and chases cats without flinching. From his old life? His jackal breath. Everything else is in the past.
And me ? I adopted the best dog on the planet. My buddy. My confidant. My painkiller. My sports coach. My invincible warrior. Me too, I have a new life since she's here, Ella...

Shiva's story

Shiva came into our life when we had been dreaming for years of a little husky. Cumshot between the 3 of us when she was just a puppy, she has been enhancing our daily life ever since.

Her daily need to go out pushed me to take myself in hand and thanks to her, I got back on the line! Can't wait for her to be old enough to run, because my biggest wish is for her to become my super running buddy!!

Gost's story

I saw him in a shelter where I was a volunteer And his look made me understand so many things...
3 days later he arrived home.

Gost had been thrown into a fast lane, the radial nerve in his leg had died, so he was amputated.
It changed my life in the sense that it's so beautiful to see how a disabled animal progresses, it's a great lesson in courage.

The mean look of some people has no influence on them!

Melba's story

When Melba came into my life, a 7-month-old malinoise, she knew nothing, neither grass, nor cars, nor stairs, bit human dogs, and as a bonus was seriously ill (polyarthritis meningitis). I loved her with all my heart, we were just the two of us, I took care of her, took her in hand, educated her, she wasn't even clean. It lasted 2 difficult years where we supported each other. I left all my money there and ate dry bread for many months.

I saved her but she too because thanks to her, I discovered great people, a passion for dogs and education, I trained in osteo to always bring her more well-being and thereafter, it gave me a professional activity: education and canine osteopathy. I owe him a lot, he's my muse despite his sometimes pig-like character.

Today she will be 10 years old and not a day do I regret having overcome all that to get here. She's the female dog of my life and she will stay that way until the end of mine.

The Guinness story

My dog ​​this hero is my Guiness female dog!

She didn't save people from an avalanche or a fire, never performed a feat, but she saved me... from a dark part of my life!

She brought me a breath of hope, she helped me to move forward and thanks to her, Flashdog existed, and allowed me to meet beautiful people and raise my head... 7 years of heroism , love and complicity!

Harley's story

With Harley I discovered the herd, we did our first internship when she was one year old and we have been working together for 2 years now, I am in sheep farming and she helps me every day.

She's not the best bitch for this job, but given our chaotic beginnings, I can only be proud of what she offers me every day.

Fiver's story

A Beauceron/Malinois cross, begins on October 1, 2010 in Normandy.

On November 1, 2010, a litter of 5 puppies was placed in a box in front of the doors of the Evreux animal protection society (SPAE). A few months later, 3 of the puppies found an adoptive family. 2 of them will stay at the shelter, 2 males, named Fiver and Texas.

From the year 2012, I become a volunteer and start a love story. Every week, I am present for their walks. Little by little, they attribute their Trust to me. In June 2017, Texas was found lifeless in his cage, probably the victim of a stomach upset during the heat wave.

Fiver will be alone for 3 weeks before I come to adopt him!

700km (between Normandy and Grenoble where I now live since 2016) to pick him up and here he is in the car with our other dog, Lorca, German Shepherd.

6 years and 8 months later, no more cages, the days of sleeping in a wooden doghouse without blankets are over.

To him the hikes, the mountain, the love and the endless hugs! Today, a little over a year after his adoption, he is finally blooming!

The story of Neftisis

I have had a chronic illness for 8 years now. Before having Neftisis by my side I suffered pain without doing much. And then came this little 2-month-old furry ball at home. Totally by chance since we had not planned to have a dog for the moment.

Being passionate about animals, I immediately set out to educate him and spend as much time as possible with him. We both grew up since his presence gave me strength to live.
Today, two years after his arrival, I have regained a normal life with activity. We go hiking, we go biking or just play in the park but thanks to him I live a little more every day. That's why Nefti is my hero and will be throughout his life for all the happiness and courage he brings me every day.

Volt's story

One afternoon in February 2018, Mathis, a 15-year-old teenager, is quietly in his room when he is alerted by the barking and strange behavior of his dog.

He then descends into the room and discovers the lower floor completely smoky and the fryer on fire.

Without Volt's intervention, my son could have been seriously injured, or even worse, and our house destroyed!

Eleven's story

Eleven came into my life at a time when I didn't know where I was going and when I was very fragile. In our daily life he helped me overcome every challenge that life put in my way, gave me a reason to fight against my heart disease.

It is also to him that I owe the creation of my company and my new projects. But above all he saved my life in the face of the violence of my ex-spouse. He showed me the way and protected me from blows.

Eleven is in my eyes the perfect dog. Listening, a good lead, a very good pack leader but above all the ideal teammate. He is my other half, he is my oxygen, he is my life!

The Allspark story

Allspark battled dysplasia like a superhero.
At 9 months very difficult for him to walk…for a sled dog to imagine his friends leaving and staying for him is unthinkable! Come on, let's do a first operation for a total hip prosthesis ... comes a second ... we manage convalescence, re-education and we imagine ourselves together on the sled ... but we didn't imagine the right scenario ... a big infection in the scar occurs after the second prosthesis, a resistant germ. We make a cocktail of antibiotics and presto everything is back to normal...but no, it's the rejection of the prosthesis...we operate again and we see our dream go away...allspark finds himself without bones he will never be able to sled...we do mourning, I see him crying every time we leave … but we escaped the worst, he is there, he has a dog's life. We imagine being quiet but Allspark just by having a dog's life partially unseals his remaining prosthesis … we re-operate we manage to keep his prosthesis. We start all over again… convalescence, rehabilitation…and an infection comes back…we manage to treat the infection and everything is fine…everything is fine but Allspark has a granuloma on the scar and we have to operate again.
Me, I cry every time and he does his Wouaouhhh I don't care, I'm here and I'm fine whatever happens to me, I'm still here!
Allspark had 17 anesthesias, he had 3 very very big surgeries. We traveled more than 12,000 km together to treat him (chambéry -lyon-Toulon-Grenoble).
He always did Waouhhh when he arrived at the clinics that followed him, he never showed an ounce of aggression, he always looked at me with Love and with each look I saw that he wanted to live and fight. Many times I wondered what to do…every time I saw the spark of life in his eyes. The spark that I had when I met him…the spark…the All-spark.

Allspark today manages to do a bit of sledding with the friends despite everything.
This is the dog that made me move mountains. We climbed together, we fell together but I only remember his courage!
To my super hero, my MAGNIFICENT Eskimo dog from Greenland. I like you !

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