Qui se ressemble, s’assemble

Birds of a feather flock together

Big contest "Birds of a feather flock together" Wafinu and ELEMENT.vet

From November 18, 2018 to January 31, 2019, Wafinu and ELEMENT.vet are organizing a major national photo contest.

Does your 4-legged friend look like you, unless it's the opposite? He may look like you physically: like you he is red, fine, wrapped, curly? Does he have silky hair or almond eyes? Or maybe do you have some common points on the character side?

Sporty or on the contrary lazy, nice, playful, a bit characterful maybe?

Tell us, show us! and in addition by participating in this contest, we will be able to show that together we are stronger and help an association that welcomes abandoned dogs and cats.

To participate, it's simple:

  1. Pay 1 € (no more) on the link here https://bit.ly/2zO9dTZ to create a pot intended to help an association (designated by the winner)
  2. Take a screenshot for proof of your payment (confirmation after payment on the Leetchi website or confirmation email from Leetchi)
  3. Click here to send your proof of payment of 1 €, a photo of you and your favorite animal, complete with a few sentences explaining how you look alike (it can be a character trait!) https://bit.ly /2zO9dTZhttps://www.leetchi.com/fr/Cagnotte/46462839/e43ed49d
  4. Confirm, send
  5. A prayer to the god mamatowafmiaou is not obligatory, but it can work.

You can view the rules here .
The results of the competition will be announced no later than March 1, 2019.
You can reach us at contact@element.vet if needed.

Valérie, Florence, Marie and their hairy wish you good luck!

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