Terre Happy pour ELEMENTVET !

Happy Land for ELEMENTVET!

After months of research and development to find the eco-packaging that would best keep the delicacies of care away from humidity, here it is finally. The new pillbox from ELEMENTVET is 100% natural.

Made from wood fiber from France, our pack is biodegradable and recyclable. The carbon footprint of the 120 mL packaging has thus fallen from 63.9 g of CO2 to – 2.4 g of CO2.
The packaging ... what a beautiful word for small boxes! A container is simple and yet it is very complicated to choose it and change it! Since the creation of ELEMENT VET Valérie Maumon has imagined eco-friendly packs but it took several years to find and have a 100% biodegradable and recyclable eco-responsible pack made and of this we are very proud!

The harmony between the colours, the design, the eco-pack and our products is perfect! The little jars will be released this month, it's a great pleasure and joy to see this project come to fruition". So, do you like our new logo? #superregular

And you, what are you doing to preserve the planet?

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