Et si on parlait DIGESTION


Rebalance your pet's intestinal flora

We too often forget that gastric problems are the cause of many discomforts in animals.

Their intestinal system is responsible for processing food and covering physiological needs with what it eats. Digestion is the mechanical and chemical transformation of food into nutrients that can be assimilated by the body and can be used as a material or source of energy. If your animal's food ration is not suitable, or if it experiences stress, the gastrointestinal system can then lead to digestive disorders or even allergic and skin reactions.

We often talk about transit ?? Yes, the digestive transit corresponds to the passage of food from the mouth to the esophagus, then to the stomach and intestines and finally to the rectum to be eliminated there in the form of stools (droppings).

The intestine is one of the most important organs for the immune system. Its proper functioning is necessary to guarantee the well-being of our animals.

How do we know if our animal has digestion problems?

We often wonder if our dog has health problems or if he is in good health.

So, here are some clues for you that can put you on the alert to find out if your pet has digestion problems:

  • my dog ​​eats pebbles or eats grass,
  • he yawns in a specific context,
  • he shows discomfort in certain positions or postures, he often has discomfort, etc.
  • he is constipated or on the contrary passes abundant stools several times a day.

A healthy dog ​​has 2 to 3 bowel movements a day.

The aspect of the stools makes it possible to evaluate my digestibility of the food: small well-molded stools testify to a very digestible and well-balanced diet, voluminous and malodorous stools sign a very poorly digestible diet.

The quality of the food is the first source of modification of the digestive transit.

Be careful, if the problems persist, if your dog is up to date with his dewormers and has no behavioral problems, it is important to make a first point with your veterinarian to check his stomach and exclude an ulcer in particular.

Who is our Digestion for?

Certain natural plants have an influence in many digestive functions and will help regulate and activate the digestion process, support transit and the liver, fight against constipation, drain and cleanse the body.

This natural food supplement for dogs aimed at regulating digestive function can be recommended as a two-month cure for:

  • Anxious dogs
  • Bloat gas in animals
  • Soft dog stools
  • Digestive difficulties in dogs
  • dog diarrhea
  • Constipation in animals
  • Following drug treatment or surgery – deworming follow-up
  • Sporting dog and working dog: competition, exhibition, canine gathering.

In all cases, the emotional aspect of the animal must be taken into account and it is often interesting to combine the " Digestion " cure with an " Anti-stress " cure in the event of diarrhea, stress and related intestinal disorder to anxiety. It is interesting to combine these two food supplements during competition because the two pathologies are often linked.

You can also make the animal eat in a quiet corner and offer it an anti-glutton bowl if it is the type to eat its ration too quickly, which can be split up during the day. Keep your companion calm after his meal.

The “ Digestion ” cure is formulated in palatable tablets which can be added to the meal. If the troubles persist consult your veterinarian.

Find our Digestion food supplement here:

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