Bien préparer sa saison avec

Prepare your season well with

Optimizing dog performance and training

The beginning of September is synonymous with back to school for some, vacation for others. In our dog environment, it's time to resume working dog training for the winter season or fall canicross.

The training of our animals must be approached rationally. To develop and maintain the dog's physical abilities, it is essential to gradually but regularly increase the intensity and duration of the effort. This basic rule makes it possible to gradually optimize cardio-respiratory performance.

Food as a foundation

The sporting dog's diet must therefore provide both maximum energy and all the elements capable of making the best use of this energy potential, all in a low-volume ration, in order to avoid overloading and the risk of accidents which are more or less directly associated with it (torsions of the stomach, strains, sprains, fainting, etc.).

Alongside the energy expenditure it imposes, sporting activity impacts the entire skeleton of the dog: food supplements such as chondroitin and glucosamine, already naturally present in the bones and cartilages but which tend to decrease with age. age, will promote the protection and regeneration of articular cartilage. That's why we worked on a formula for the joints dosed with glucosamine and chondroitin, horsetail and harpagophytum to maintain and support the protection of the joints of our 4-legged friends.

To compensate for the known lack of zinc in our Nordic dogs in particular, has developed a coat and pads formula which promotes the supply of zinc, vitamins and marine collagen in order to avoid fragile pads. All our supplements are natural and manufactured by our laboratory in the Alps.

The " Digestion " supplement can be combined with the " Anti-stress " supplement to avoid problems with diarrhea and gastric disorders. The probiotics contained in our formula will rebalance the flora and finally bring comfort to your animal, the black radish-fennel-artichoke combination will have a detoxifying and draining effect. has also thought of bearings damaged by abrasive grounds. We have developed a cushion repair balm with essential oils, zinc oxide, calendula. The balm penetrates very easily, disinfects and heals wounds and cracks. Finally, the Arnica, Wintergreen, Aloe and HE massage gel will relax the dog's muscles and tendons after work.

Our rehydrating agent can help the animal to recover from its sports session. Easy to prepare, the powder is to be diluted in water and very palatable.

We've thought of everything to make the recovery go well, so everyone in the meadow, Think Phyto, Think!