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    pill cutter


    Giving a pill has never been easier!

    To help you properly administer food supplements in smaller or powdered form for animals that don't like the pieces, here is our Pill Cup!

    Cut for a precise dose

    Easy to use

    Pile the powdered pills

    Made in France
    natural ingredients
    For dog
    And for cat!
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    pill cutter


    Elementotherapy at the service of our animals


    The ELEMENT VET colored pill cutter is specially designed to cut and crush your animals' tablets.

    Our tablets are scored and it's even easier with this little tool!

    Pro tips

    I sprinkle the tablets from my cures on the meals of the pickiest dogs! They enjoy the liver flavor of the tablets.

    Valérie Maumon

    Usage tips

    Place the pill in the V-shaped guides and press the pill cutter, the blade goes down and you will get a perfect half.

    By opening the lower part of the pill organizer, place your pill in the lower compartment, then turn it until you obtain a powder.

    Indications according to the animal

    Some animals do not want to take the tablets with their meal or it is necessary to cut the tablet to meet the prescribed dose.