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    Sports package


    Sports package

    This sports pack includes 3 of our flagship natural products: our repairing balm in 125 ml for the dog, the massage gel 150 ml and the complementary food rehydration box of 300 gr.

    All the essentials in one pack!

    Ideal for sporty dogs

    During intensive animal activity

    Fabriqué en France
    Ingrédients naturels
    Pour chien
    Et pour chat !
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    Sports package


    L'Élémenthérapie au service de nos animaux


    Recovery balm 125 ml:

    A must-have in your veterinary pharmacy, this healing ointment for dogs can be applied to various skin lesions:

    • relieves pad irritation
    • calming and soothing effect
    • moisturizes elbow pads
    • acts as a repellent against flying insects

    Complementary rehydration food :
    to combat dehydration in animals:

    • restoration of hydro-electrolyte balance
    • Sport: complementary food powder for isotonic exercise drink aimed at rehydrating sports or working dogs after exercise.

    150 ml massage gel for dogs:
    Massage for dogs has several purposes:

    • Improves animal relaxation
    • Stimulates the nervous system, improving blood and lymphatic circulation
    • Improves recovery of sports dogs

    Conseils de pro

    Our sports pack is essential for dogs who have regular activity or practice dog competitions! During my mushing competitions, I use my sports pack which includes everything I need to keep my dogs in great shape!

    Valérie Maumon

    Conseils d'utilisation

    A must-have in your veterinary pharmacy, this ointment will become your best ally. Our rehydration allows the animal to hydrate and take vitamins for the sporting dog. The massage gel allows you to massage your animal after an intensive activity or for its well-being.

    Indications selon l’animal

    After an intensive activity for all types of animals.